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Rotaract Club of College (RCNM)

The Rotaract Club of N.M. College is guided by the Rotary Club of Bombay West and Rotaract District 3141. It is the second-ranked club among 120+ others in Mumbai and is the largest in the college. The club focuses on youth-oriented activities for personality development and impactful projects that offer activities like entrepreneurship, professional development, community service and editorials.

With over 150+ events conducted throughout the year widespread across 13 different avenues, RCNM continues to grow every single day with more and more individuals joining this movement with an aim of impacting the society we live in. Today, RCNM is a strong team of 600+ members who share a passion for leading change.

Office Bearers

Teacher In Charge: Mr. Darshan Panchal, Ms. Tessy Philji, Ms. Kalyaniee Raikar, Ms. Anjali Ved, Ms. Supriya Wadia, Mr. Rajkumar Choudhary, Ms. Blossam Rumao.
President – Rtr. Kanisha Kapadia
Secretary: Rtr. Jhanavi Diora
Joint Secretary: Rtr. Deepal Vora
Treasurer: Rtr. Nishant Oswal
Vice President – Rtr. Shaily Shah
Chairwoman Special Task Force – Rtr. Dhruvy Makwana
Immediate Past President & Chairwoman HRD – Rtr. Monishka Agrawal

Avenues Board of Director
Community Service Rtr. Lakshita Tawade and Rtr. Aszad Khan
Club Service Rtr. Sakina Bhopalwala and Rtr. Priyancee Chimnani
Professional Development Rtr. Ishaan Porwal and Rtr. Pushti Mathuria
International Services Rtr. Kashish Sharma and Rtr. Anshi Raja
Editorials Rtr. Suhani Negandhi
Partners in Service Rtr. Yash Khatri and Rtr. Dishaa Poojary
Public Relations and Marketing Rtr. Lokesh Jalan, Rtr. Bhumi Mehta and Rtr. Parth Kuyate
Entrepreneurship Development Rtr. Sanchali Gorde
Social Media Relations Rtr. Vatsal Shah
Digital Communication Rtr. Jahnvi Gala
Sports Rtr. Manas Mehta
Human Resource and Development Rtr. Monishka Agrawal


Events and projects.

Handful Of Grains

Handful of Grains is a legacy project of The Rotaract Club of N.M. College has been going on for the past ten years with increasing prevalence yearly. It is an initiative where the team donates grains and other supplies to the underprivileged. This year on the 9th of December 2022, the team visited villages in Palghar district and donated 150+ kits. Each kit consisted of Rice 2kg, Aata – 5kg, Daal – 1kg, Sugar – 1kg, Salt – 1kg, Onion – 2kg, Potato – 5kg, Tea – 1 packet, Haldi – 1 packet and Soap – 1 bar which was handed over to 150+ families. Along with that, the team also assisted 140+ school-going children from all the villages with stationery kits, each consisting – ​of 1 pen, 2 pencils, 1 eraser, 1 sharper, 1 scale 15cm and 1 long book. The intention was to motivate them to continue their education. Finally, the team marked the end of their legacy project, wherein the team distributed a total of more than 3000 kg of donations and raised more than Rs. 1,00,000 thus making its mark in the history of Handful of Grains.

The team in Palghar for the grains distribution drive

The Community Service Directors interacting with the kids.

The team involved in packaging of the grains.

The students measuring the grains to be packaged.

The students packing the kits in carton boxes

The students packing the kits in carton boxes

The Truck that was used in the transportation of the grains.


Astroworld was a field trip to Nehru Planetarium organised by the Community Service Avenue for the kids of Salaam Balak Trust, Kandivali. Through this project, we aimed to give the children the experience of a world greater than a world that has very little light. We aimed to show them a sky filled with opportunities and also tell them that dreams can be achieved if you have the courage to work for them. On 27th September 2022, the team along with volunteers from the NGO took the students to Nehru Planetarium where they learnt more about space and other external bodies through 3D models and audiovisuals. The sky show they saw explained the Biography of the Universe and how it came into existence, it was really insightful for the kids to gain knowledge about our planet and the galaxy. This project was one of a kind and due to its innovative aspect we garnered widespread appreciation for it.

The students pose for a picture prior to the Sky Show

The students from the NGO enjoying the Sky Show.

The kids being briefed about outer space and foreign bodies

The kids seated before the sky show commenced.

The Stagecraft

The Stagecraft was a Silent Play Writing Competition. The aim and innovation for this event were to add value to the work that Editorials can do. It was divided into two phases. Phase 1 was a Silent Play Script Writing Competition where the best scripts would get to perform their Silent Plays at a Deaf Organization in phase 2. Therefore, this was actually putting the things in action and witnessing in real life the impact literary arts can make. The silent play scripts that were chosen were for the play of ‘Cinderella’ and ‘The Gift of the Magi’ The Editorials team helped in the performance of the plays with the participants. The showcase of the plays took place at The Bombay Institute for Deaf and Mute and saw an audience of 120+ students.

The kids of the institution with the RCNM team pose for a picture.

The students eagerly watching the silent play.

The participants performing the Silent play.

The teacher addressing the gathering.

Beyond Borders

In Beyond Borders, the International Service Avenue collaborated with a club in Lahore, Pakistan in which our main focus was to have a cultural exchange and learn more about the other country whilst at the same time helping them learn more about ours. By collaborating outside the boundaries of our country we aimed at building a cordial relationship with the club that we collaborated with, especially because of the evident animosity created between the two countries by our ancestors after the divide. We celebrated the Independence Days of both the countries on 14th and 15th of August, 2022. We believed a cultural exchange would begin when we know about the other country so we decided to research and make a quiz about each other’s country. Then we conducted the quiz that we made for them enthusiastically by reading out the questions and asking them to raise their hands to answer. On the second day, we presented our country’s Culture, Traditions, Climate, Monuments, Food, Clothing, Festivals and a lot more. Through this event we got a first-hand experience with cultural misconceptions about each other and the audience had the opportunity to see Pakistan from a different perspective, realizing that we’re much more alike than we had thought before.

The International Services team from both the countries.

The audience pose for a picture after a fun and interactive session on the cultures of both the countries.

The team explaining the culture and traditions of our country to our fellow neighbours.


Entrescape was an entrepreneurial escape room curated in order to engage the participants with entrepreneurship in the most interesting and competitive way possible. It was a simulation of an escape room, where the clues provided to the participants were based on different entrepreneurship-based ideas and subjects. It was a three-round event covering different practical aspects of entrepreneurship. The project successfully helped the participants in learning and developing a mindset veering towards entrepreneurship.

The participants indulged in the event.

The participants discussing the strategy of the game showcasing team work.

The participants and the team pose for a picture post the success of the event.

One of the team discussing their next plan of action.

The Intern Experience

Intern’s Experience laid emphasis on the need and importance of Internships on a student’s career and his/her professional growth and development. We organized a roundtable conference with a few alumni of N.M. College who have also played an important role in RCNM who had pursued internships and had fair knowledge and experience of the same. Through conversations with the panellists, the students got great insights into their professional lives which directly influenced and inspired them. The active discussions helped the students uncover their hidden interests and helped open doors to various different career opportunities.

Our host for the event. Rtr. Ishaan welcoming our guests for the day.

The audience eagerly absorbing all the knowledge that the speakers have to share.

Rtr. Ishaan asking a couple of questions regarding their field of careers.

The online session we had with fellow alumni of the club.

Badminton Unleashed

Badminton Unleashed was a two-day badminton tournament that included regular as well as Paralympic players. Our aim for this event was to provide players with an opportunity to test their skills against each other. It was aimed to support the growth of badminton and all formats of the game based on the number and gender of the players- men’s singles, women’s singles, and mixed doubles. Our aim was to understand the hardships faced by the Para-Badminton athletes and to provide proper assistance and playing conditions for Para-Badminton athletes. Through this event, we introduced the first-ever Para-Badminton tournament which included WH (wheelchair), SL (Standing) and SU (Short Stature) categories. The tournament took place on the 14th and 15th of August, 2022 with over 90+ participants joining in from varied backgrounds. On the first day, the Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles and Para-Badminton matches took place. The finals took place on the second day, and the event was a huge success.

The Paralympic players with the RCNM team.

A very competitive badminton match in progression.

The winner of the women’s singles.

The setup of the trophies. Medals and certificates for the Badminton tournament.

One of the para- badminton match in progression


Rotofest is a socio-cultural fest organized by the Club collectively. It is a flagship legacy project which has carried on for last six years. It was held on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of January 2022 with an organizing committee of 100+ members and 25+ events executed. Day 1 was joyously kickstarted with the inauguration ceremony of Rotofest’22. The highlight was the event "Murder at the Inn” which was a murder mystery with clues placed around Juhu and Vile Parle. Participants had to act on analysis and common sense to crack the case. The highlight of Day 2 was our flagship event, "Mr and Ms Rotofest” of the Performing Arts Department, wherein the participants competed against each other by showcasing their talent and skills to win the title. The highlight of day 3 was "Rotoland” fun n’ fair organized for the slum kids of Gorai. This included a magic show, trampoline, Ferris wheel and a few exciting games for the kids. The approximate reach of the fest surpassed the number of 1000 people and the total number of participants of the fest crossed 800. We had 10+ college contingents participating in the events. Every event had a sponsor for their podium prizes. With excellent support from our institution, staff, organizing committee, and sponsors, the festival was indeed a success and left a mark of being ‘With Everyone, For Everyone.’

Ms. Dhanashree Bhatkal, an author during a Ask me Anything session organised by the Literary Arts department.

The kids from the Gorai slum pose for a picture after getting tattoos painted on their arms.

A Management Events session being hosted by a member from our team.

Our college principal Dr Parag Ajgaonkar with the teacher in-charges of RCNM during the Opening ceremony of Rotofest’22.

The entire team with the kids from the slum during our flagship event of Day 3 – Rotoland

The team being briefed on the onset of the fest.


NOVA is the Digital Communications Avenue’s legacy project that continued for three days this year. The core theme this year was TECH and all the events augmented new applications of technology. One of the major innovative aspects this year was the OFFLINE robot exhibition. It was the highlight of the event as everyone got to witness live robots which had different features and functions individually. Also for one of our events, the floor was transformed into a life-size board game which helped make the game proactive and interesting. We came up with software to make a website where participants had the experience to build a website from scratch without using code, all they had to apply was creative and analytical thinking. This event served as a great opportunity for students who are interested in technology and Robotics. Coming from a commerce background, this event garnered widespread appreciation and saw a footfall of 100+ tech enthusiasts.

The participants indulged in a game based on control keys and shortcut keys.

The participant picking up a task they would be required to perform.

The Robotics setup in the Girls common room for the students of the college.

A fun and innovative game based on tech in progression.

An event based on digital designing that saw the participation of eager amateurs.

Eco Quest

Eco Quest is our attempt at making the environment healthier and working towards its protection. Under this, ABCD – A Beach Clean-up Drive, our legacy project takes place a day after Ganesh Visarjan every year as the festival leaves the beaches in a very degraded state. This year, we expanded our drive to two beaches Juhu Beach and Versova Beach and even collaborated with the Robin Hood Army Urvari, Mumbai Ploggers – Rashmi Singh, Ikhtiyaar, The Leo Club of Mumbai and The Western Clean Shores Community. Through this event, we spread awareness regarding safeguarding the ocean and how we must all work together to ensure its cleanliness. This initiative saw a whopping participation of more than 300+ concerned individuals who aimed at making an impact with their small actions.

The RCNM team pose for a picture with Mr Afroz Shah during the beach cleaun-up drive on Versova Beach

The team click a selfie with the volunteers from the Lions Club.

The RCNM team with the volunteers from the Robin Hood Army pose for a picture post the success of the clean-up drive

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