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Training and Placement Rules

The Training & Placement Office facilitates and coordinates the training & placement activities for SVKM’s NM College.

1. Offer:

Students will be allowed to take only One Offer in Placements. In an event of any grievance/issues regarding the same, it will be taken up by the Training & Placement Cell on a case to case basis.

2. Seriousness of purpose:

Any student registering for placement is expected to be clear about his/her intention of taking part in the placement process. Placements should not be considered as a backup arrangement as against any competitive exams/other courses. If students are found guilty of having such casual approach towards the placement process, strict action, including expulsion from the placement process will be taken by the Training and Placement cell.

If a student is pursuing any competitive exam/professional course (CA), students will be allowed to register but the same will be highlighted to the company. The final decision of considering the student for recruitment rests with the company.

Any student/s found misbehaving either during online or in person training and placement activities is liable for disciplinary action and/or expulsion from all training and placement activities.

3. Attendance for Pre-Placement Training:

The training programs are compulsory for the students who have registered for placements. The student will be dismissed or disallowed from sitting for any campus (off/on) placement if he/she does not have 90% attendance in Pre Placement Training Package.

4. Code of Conduct:

Students are advised to adhere to the strict code of conduct as mentioned below –

  • No social media coverage of any training and placement events.
  • Formal Dress Code for all training and placement events.
  • Punctuality for all activities of Training & Placement cell.
  • Keep a soft copy of resume in the prescribed college format ready before any online campus placement drive.
  • Carry 2 coloured printed copies of the resumes in the prescribed college format only for campus placements.
  • Maintain decorum and discipline at all times during training and placement events especially during online sessions.
  • All written communication will be via official email to the cell. Students are required to use their outlook account for same. Communication received via personal email, unless required, will not be entertained.

5. Pre – Placement Talk (PPT) and Placement Process:

  • It is compulsory for every student to be present for the PPT of the company related to their specialisation. Students can take a final call after PPT if they are interested in the profile offered by the company. If a student is absent for even a single stream relevant PPT, s/he will be debarred from placements.
  • If a student fails to complete the process after opting to sit for t he campus recruitment of a particular company s/he will be out of placements.
  • Students should not directly inform the company if they wish to reject an offer once selected. They should not negotiate job terms or salaries directly with company. Such issues/concerns should be routed through training & placement cell for effective results.

6. Resumes:

Students should use only the prescribed College format and submit this to the Training & Placement Office on the scheduled date. Students will be allowed to update their resumes when required.

No student is allowed to use the college format once s/he has completed their degree course.

7. Proxy Attendance:

If a student is found either asking for and/or giving a proxy attendance during any Training & Placement activities, s/he will be debarred from all further activities.

8. Offer Letter:

Once selected by a company through the placement process, the student should submit a soft copy of ‘Offer of Employment’ letter to the Training & Placement Cell

9. Opting out of Placements:

  • After registering with the college Training & Placement Cell, if a student chooses not to be part of placement drive, the same should be informed to the placement cell in writing stating his/her reasons for opting out.
  • Once the student is officially out, s/he will not be readmitted in the placement process thereafter.

10. On/Off campus recruitment:

The selection process will generally be held in the campus or online. However, in some cases the student may have to go to the company’s office for the same. Students will not be able to back out on this account.

11. Confidentiality:

Training & Placement information is confidential and any breach of confidentiality will lead to strict action. Canvassing in any form or contacting the company from outside with a motive to affect the placement outcome will disqualify the students permanently from the placement process.

12. Discipline:

The College reserves the right to take any disciplinary action, if students do not honour their commitments as stated above or resort to unethical behaviour or misdemeanour, bringing disrepute to the colleges. The college management may withhold the final offer letter after communicating with the employer/s, if it finds that the student has misbehaved or not kept up with course work or any other act of indiscipline.

13. Authority:

The College reserves the right to change, modify the guidelines in the best interest of students. The guidelines/rules may evolve from time to time and any such change will be notified to the students well in advance.

The decision of the Training & Placement Committee will be final and binding on all the registered students.

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