Notice: Project Topics for F.Y.J.C. Organisation of Commerce and Management Academic Year 2018 – 2019

N.M.College of Commerce and Economics

Project Topics for F.Y.J.C. Academic Year 2018 – 2019

Organisation of Commerce and Management

Common Instructions: 


  1. Use of A4 size paper both side ruled.
  2. Write on both the sides of paper.
  3. Minimum number of sides 15 with no limit on maximum number of sides.
  4. No Brown cover.
  5. First page will be certificate and undertaking page (Given by college).
  6. Second page Index.
  7. Actual project pages
  8. Last Page Reference / Bibliography
  9. Please punch holes on left side and tie with a thick blue ribbon. Do not staple the pages.
  10. Use of black or blue pen only.
  11. Submission will on 2nd unit test organization of commerce and management exam day

Select any one topic from the list given below.

  1. Marketing
  • Meaning, definition and concept of marketing
  • History and stages of marketing
  • Need and importance of marketing
  • Features of marketing
  • Concept and types of market
  • Functions of marketing
  • Difference between marketing and selling
  • Elements of marketing mix
  • Marketing ethics
  • Case studies on marketing.
  1. Management
  • Definition, meaning and concept
  • History / schools of management thoughts
  • Nature of management
  • Significance of management
  • Objectives of management
  • Leadership styles
  • Functions of management
  • Principles of management
  • Techniques of scientific management
  • Theories of motivation
  • Management by exception
  • Management by objectives
  • Total quality management
  • Managerial ethics
  1. Communication
  • Meaning and definition
  • Evolution of communication
  • Process Of communication
  • Need and significance of communication
  • Means/modes of communication
  • Types/kinds of communication
  • Principles of communication
  • Barriers to communication
  • How to overcome barriers
  • Communication ethics
  1. Warehousing
  • Meaning and definition
  • Evolution of warehousing
  • Need and importance
  • Functions of warehousing
  • Types / kinds of warehouses
  • Techniques of warehousing(material management)
  • Process of warehousing and documents
  • Duties of warehouse keeper
  • Modern techniques of warehousing.
  1. Transport
  • Meaning, definition and concept
  • Evolution of transport
  • Need and importance
  • Modes of transport with merits and demerits
  • Suitability
  • Environmental impact of transport network
  • Modern techniques of transport


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  10. Then in the list of subjects, in the 1st Subject, select ‘GENERAL TEST’ code 501.
  11. In the next list of subjects, i.e. subject 2 to subject 10, please select, (NA)- Not Applicable
  12. For medium of test, you can select English or any other medium(language) of test that you are wanting to give your test in.
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  14. Kindly note that candidates applying for Narsee Monjee College (ALL programs) need to appear for the Subject 1-GENERAL TEST ONLY. The candidate need NOT select the LANGUAGE subject and need NOT select the DOMAIN subjects. He/She needs to select the medium of test i.e. the language in which he/she wants to take the test.
  15. The above guidelines are for candidates willing to enroll into Narsee Monjee College ONLY. Candidates wanting to join any other university/institutions must follow the specific instructions issued by that university/institution.
  16. You may go through the tutorial video uploaded by our college on the website, for greater clarity.
  17. The last date for application for the CUET test is 30th March 2023.
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