The Rotaract Club of N.M.College ranks *1st* amongst all the 120+ Rotaract Clubs in RID 3141 as the *Best Institution based club* after *15 years of H.R.College* consistenly being at that position.

Total Acers- 13
Total Crowns(Best event in the quarter)- 7
Total Individual Nominations(team members)- 17
Total Individual Nominations(Events)- 34
•Responsible president citation, Platinum Club Citation, Ruby Spotlight Citation..


The students of the Narsee Monjee College organized an event to celebrate India’s 75th Independence Day. The celebration consisted of several performances depicting the culture and tradition of the beloved country. The National Anthem was followed by a motivational speech by the Principal of The N.M. College, which inspired young minds. He stated that in these crucial times, the college as a community would like to bring about a positive change in the society by contributing 10 hours to community service in a year. Besides, he encouraged the students to introspect and find ways to overcome their fears. The session celebrated the long list of India’s achievements in the Olympics. An exemplary dance was performed by the
students that displayed their love and respect towards the country. It symbolized that India is not just a piece of land but our source of motivation. A unique depiction of Indian jewelry and dressing instilled a feeling of pride for our culture and prestigious heritage. The students were
filled with enthusiasm and participated by singing patriotic songs. The celebration was a plethora of love, respect, and nationalism for India. The event was very well curated and kept the audience hooked to it till the end.
Date: 15th August, 2021
Time: 9:15 A.M.