First Term

(a) First Term internal test — 25 Marks. (Tutorials / MCQs / Unit / Seminars etc.)

(b) First Terminal Exam – 50 Marks.

Second Term

(c) Second Term Internal Test – 25 Marks.

(d) Second Terminal Examination – 100 Marks.

Result: 100(Total marks)
The Average of the marks scored out of 200/2 in each subject will be the final score made by a student in that subject

In the subject of EVS, the evaluation pattern for each term shall be as follows
Project: 30 Marks
Seminar/ Journal Assignment: 20 Marks
The final score would be 100/2 i.e. out of 50.

In the subject of Physical Education, the evaluation pattern would be written examination of 50 Marks and practical examination of 50 Marks for the whole year. Students would be graded for the same. It is compulsory to appear for both the exams

Student will pass F.Y.J.C exams if he /she score a minimum average score of 35 marks in each subject.