Programme Highlights

Core Areas

  • Micro Economics
  • Macro Economics
  • International Economics

        Course Objectives:

  • To equip learners with competency and skills to increase employability in the emerging global business environment.
  • Encourage to maintain professional connections through internship.
  • To instill core values in learners in order to make them ethical and socially responsible citizens, entrepreneurs and leaders of the future.

      Duration: 3 years

The course of in Economics will enable the students to evaluate the    effects of government intervention in markets using economic concepts as tools, explain paradoxical economic situations, measure economic welfare, and assess the reasons for changes therein. The course attempts to make students understand applications of economic theory and use of economic concepts as tools for formulation of economic policy and to explain different economic events. This course will definitely provide students with the required intensity and depth in the subject of Economics but also with an added knowledge of accountancy and commerce.

Semester I (Total Credit 24)Semester II (Total Credit 24)
Sr. NoName of the ModuleCreditsSr. NoName of the ModuleCredits
1Business and Entrepreneurship31Principles of Management3
2Managerial Economics 142Managerial Economics 24
3Macroeconomics33Public Finance3
4Mathematical and Statistical Techniques I54Mathematical and Statistical Techniques II5
5Enviornmental System and Issues35Enviornmental Management3
6Fundamental of Business Communication46Corporate Communication4
7Ethics and Social Responsibility27Self Development and Managerial Skills2
Total Cedits24Total Cedits24
Economics Credits7Economics Credits7
SYBCOM (To be inplemented from the academic year 2023-24)
Course Structure
Semester III (Total Credit 22)Semester IV (Total Credit 22)
Sr. NoName of the ModuleCreditsSr. NoName of the ModuleCredits
1Financial Accounting I41Financial Accounting II4
2Operations Management 32Business Finance3
3Basics of Econometrics23R/Python Software for Economics2
4Money and Banking44Financial Economics 4
5Introduction to Psychology35Behavioural Economics3
6Business Laws36Corporate Laws3
7Research Methodology37Computer Applications in Business 3
Total Cedits22Total Cedits22
Economics Credits6Economics Credits7
TYBCOM (To be inplemented from the academic year 2024-25)
Course Structure
Semester V (Total Credit 22)Semester VI (Total Credit 22)
Sr. NoName of the ModuleCreditsSr. NoName of the ModuleCredits
1Advanced Financial Accounting I 41Advanced Financial Accounting II4
2 Marketing Management32 Human Resource Management3
3Development Economics 33Development Experience of Major Economies of World3
4International Economics34Indian Economy3
5Environmental Economics35Economics of Geopolitics & International Relations3
Total Cedits20Total Cedits20
Economics Credits9Economics Credits9