Core Areas:

  • Analytics in Economics
  • Econometrics
  • Introduction to Analytical Tools, Advanced Excel and Visualization Techniques

Course Objectives:

  • To cater to the needs of growing applications of Data Analytics in various sectors.
  • Enable learners to think and produce rational and extensible Analytical solutions for simple and complex problems.
  • A learner shall acquire knowledge through commerce related subjects to help them imbibe effective analytical, managerial and entrepreneurial skills.

Duration: 3 years


Semester I

Business Math(OE)_Sem I

Env. & Sustainability(AEC)-Sem I

Financial derivative and commodity market(SEC)-Sem 1

Fundamentals of BC(AEC)Sem I

IMTP- 3rd July 2023 Introduction to CompAppliations (Major) Sem I docx

Introduction to Psychology (OE) – sem I

Introductory Microeconomics(major)_Sem I

IT applications (VSCl )-Sem I

OE_ Business-Sem Idocx Principles of Management_Minor- Sem I

Quant tech for Eco I(VSC)_ SEM 1

Stock Market Operations(SEC)-Sem 1 docx

Updated Arthaneeti Syllabus(IKS)-Sem 1

Semester II

Accounting (Minor) Sem II

Advanced Excel(Major)- Sem II

Business statistics(OE)_Sem II

Corporate Communication(AEC)-Sem II

Corporate Laws(OE)_Sem II

Introdcution to Social Psychology

Major_Principles of Macroeconomics- Sem II

Mutual Fund Management(SEC)-Sem 2

Power BI (VSC )-Sem II

Quant Tech for Eco-II(VSC)-Sem 2

Syllabus Indian Philosophical Systems

Syllabus Understanding India Technical analysis(SEC)-Sem II



SY approved syllabus