Library Report 2015 - 2016
Library is the soul of the institution. The J. M. Patel Library of SVKM’s N. M. College is providing an excellent collection of wonderful books and many proactive services useful for all students and staff members.

Modernization of Library:
            Facilities provided to students and staff for effective use of library:

  • UGC Network Resource Center (UGC-NRC) and printing facility- This facility was used by 3460 students during the year 2015-16.
  • Internet and Wi-Fi – This facility provided with individual id and password enabled students and staff members for free and seamless Internet access on their laptops.
  • Scanning, printing and photocopying – This enabled teachers to prepare teaching aids, do their research work and students for their assignments, NSS and various associations activities. The two old printers in library are replaced by two modern printers with scanners.
  • Google groups - Division wise Google groups of all students for all courses were updated. These Google groups were used for regularly sending information about various databases of e-books and e-journals, reading list of books along with book reviews, list of e-books available in library and monthly list of books added in the library. Besides, Google groups proved very useful for sending urgent notices, instructions and information to the students.
  • Google Forum NMCLIB – A library forum is started to facilitate exchange of notes, instructions, notices, etc. among the students.

Use of E-journals:
The facility for accessing e-journals and e-books using NLIST database of UGC-INFLIBNET and e-journals and many other databases facility provided by NMIMS University library to our college library with individual ids and passwords was used by many students and teachers. Since this facility was provided through proxy server, it is now accessible from any computer within the campus as well as outside the campus. Some other important online resources such as RBI Bulletin, government websites related to economics and statistical information, etc. were provided with their URL as hyperlink through the library webpage on the college website, where these could be easily accessed. The details of these e-journals and e-books databases and online resources were also provided to all students through printed library brochures, library newsletters and google groups.

Stock of Library:
 Into the greatest assets of the college, the Library’s books collection, increased by 1281 new books (costing Rs. 442985.00). Library subscribed 94 journals and magazines (89 national & 5 international), out of which ‘Chhatrarth’ and ‘Journal of Management Research’ were newly subscribed. The library has institutional membership of British Council Library, Indian Commerce Association and Maharashtra Economic Development Council. The library also has collection of maps and DVDs related to various subjects.

Services to students and teachers:

  • Every day more than 600 students visit the library for various purposes like using reading room, books issue, journals/ magazines reading, question papers, project related references, asking for how to use e-journals or e-books, using UGC-NRC, or many other simple queries.
  • The printed library brochures were distributed to all students in the beginning of the year to make them aware about their library facilities and resources.
  • The Subject Bibliographies useful to save time of users were prepared for Make in India, Export Management, Transport Management and Tourism Management.
  • Question papers of previous years for all examinations were prepared as booklets. On students demand we are scanning the past question papers and providing the soft copies of the same through UGC Network Resource Center.
  • Photocopies of latest syllabi and past question papers were provided to the teachers, whenever they required. 
  • The material prepared for career guidance was updated and given for Master Mind program.
  • We provided the reference service with the help of documents including books, journal articles, magazine articles, newspaper clippings, e-journals, internet articles, etc. throughout the year. The appropriate subject related newspapers clippings, information about databases of e-books and e-journals, computerized lists of books and contents lists of journal articles were provided to the faculty members and students as a proactive information service.
  • Book-Bank Scheme: In the Book-Bank scheme 178 books were issued to 23 students from the Student’s Aid Fund.

Services to Ex-students:

  • During this year the certified copies of syllabus were issued to 11 students going abroad for further studies.
  • This year 132 ex-students used the comfortable and centrally air-conditioned reading room of the library for their CA, CS final examination and entrance exams studies. Due to this facility we found that many regular students get benefit of the past students experience in these courses and studies.

Library Newsletter:
            Online newsletter of library was published every month on the college website. This newsletter is giving information about the library’s collection, service provided to students and various available databases in detail.  It also displays photographs of ‘Happy Moments in Library’ and ‘Friends of Library’.  The second part of the newsletter is dedicated to students, where students contribute articles, poems, quiz and information for publication.

Encouraging Reading:
Our aim is ‘not to leave any student unattended or dissatisfied’ and we try our best to satisfy the career and curricular related requirements of every student approaching us.  The motto of our library is ‘Encourage Reading’. For this purpose the library takes many actions as below.

  • Providing an additional library card
  • Open access to all students
  • Promptly display newly arrived books in the book showcases near the library entrance
  • Purchase books recommended by students and display those on notice board along with the students name.
  • Students were also asked to select from the books received on approval
  • Book reviews written by students were displayed in showcase along with the book as “Book of the Day” and these books were mostly demanded for reading by students after display.  These book reviews are bound together for the future use.
  • Circulate reading lists of books along with book reviews through Google Groups
  • Display newly added books covers in library newsletter and newsletter is published online as well as sent to all students through Google Groups.

Library Committee:
The library committee decided the subject-wise budget distribution for the academic year. The committee scrutinized applications received from students for Book bank facility provided for the financially weaker students of our college. The committee also suggested some norms to be followed by the library for students’ admission cancellation.  The Library Committee meetings were held on first Saturdays of the month to discuss on students suggestions regarding improvements of the library facilities and giving their opinion on those suggestions.  The student’s suggestions along with the actions taken on those suggestions and students’ recommended books purchased by library were displayed on the library notice board to make the students awareness about this facility.

Staff achievements:

  • By Mrs. Vaishali Dawar, Librarian
  • Attended one day National Conference ‘21st Century Librarianship’ organized by SVKM’s NMIMS and Tata Consultancy Services had arranged on 5th June 2015.
  • Attended one day workshop on ‘Simplifying CAS and API based PBAS Form’ on Saturday 29th August 2015 at Rizvi College, which was organized jointly by The University of Mumbai, IQAC of Rizvi College of Arts, Commerce and Science, SVKM’s Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, DTSS College of Commerce and Science and J. M. Patel College of Commerce.
  • Presented paper titled ‘Libraries on Internet Platform’ in two days National Conference on 26th and 27th February 2016 on theme ‘Librarianship in 21st Century: challenges and prospects’ organized by Thakur College of Engineering and Technology, Kandivali (W), Mumbai.
  • Scientific Information Resource Centre, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai and Bombay Science Librarians’ Association, Mumbai had jointly organized two days National Conference on 22nd and 23rd April 2016 at TIFR. The theme of the conference was ‘Future Librarianship: Innovation for Excellence’. Mrs Vaishali Dawar had attended the same and presented paper titled ‘Digital Information Security for Academic Libraries: an overview’, which is published in its proceedings (ISBN: 978-81-90402-56-9)


II. Staff training:
All the library staff attended Soft Skills workshops from 2nd to 6th November 2015 and Office Administration workshop from 28th to 30th December 2015 organized by N. M. College.

The above achievements by the library would not have been possible without the timely guidance from the Principal and the capable and dedicated library staff, who performed their duties with honesty and enthusiasm and very positive contribution by Friends of Library and our students.


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