Examinations (as per circular from Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Pune-411005,) Circular No. SB/BR.High.Sec/Exam./Dated 7-3-2007

Evaluation Scheme for FYJC

  • First Term:
    • First internal test -- 25 Marks.   (Tutorials/ MCQs/Unit/Seminars etc.)
    • First Terminal Exam – 50 Marks.
  • Second Term
    • Second Term Internal Test – 25 Marks.
    • Second Terminal Examination – 100 Marks ( A Written Exam of 80 Marks in all Subjects except Physical Education (PE) and Environmental Studies (EVS) and 20 Marks Projects/Viva/Assignments)
  • Result:   100(Total marks)


The Average of the marks scored out of 200/2 in each subject will be the final score made by a student in that subject

  • In the subject of EVS, the evaluation pattern for each term would be as follows:
  • Project: 30 Marks
  • Seminar/ Journal Assignment: 20 Marks
  • The final score would be 100/2 i.e. out of 50.
  • In the subject of Physical Education, the evaluation pattern would be written examination of 50 Marks and practical examination of 50 Marks for the whole year. Students would be graded for the same. It is compulsory to appear for both the exams.
  • Student will pass F.Y.J.C exams if he /she score a minimum average score of 35 marks in each subject.





For Vocational Paper I,II,III

  • There will be 2 Unit test  (in the middle of  each term)   of 20+30  = 25marks                                2

   20marks  –  THEORY
    30marks â€“ Journal / Project / Assignments.

  • First term end Examination:  

40 marks  – Theory,   60 marks  – Practical
                     40 + 60 = 50 marks

  • Second term end Examination :

 80 marks  – Theory,  120 marks  –  Practical      
                     80+120 = 100marks

For Vocational Paper I,II,III
There will be one term end examination of 50 marks, at the end of First Term and one Preliminary examination in the month of January.

  • First term end examination  = 50 marks 

               Theory – 40, Practical – 60: 
 40 + 60 = 50marks

  • Preliminary Examination = 100 marks.

                Theory – 80, Practical – 120:
 80+120= 100 marks.
    Â  2                                                          

Languages – English and Hindi

  • There will be two Unit tests of 25 marks each in the middle of each term.
  • First term end examination will be of 50 marks and Second term end examination will be 80 marks and 20marks for orals.

Languages – English and Hindi

  • First term end examination will be of 50 marks, and Preliminary  examination will be 80 marks,
  • 20marks for orals.

General  Foundation Course

  • There will be 2 Unit test of 25marks:

20 marks – Theory
05 marks – Project / Assignment in the middle of each term.

  • First term end examination  50marks :

40marks – Theory
10marks –  Project/Assignment

  • Second term end examination 100 marks:

80marks – Theory
20marks – Project/Viva/Assignment

General  Foundation Course

  • First term end examination – 50 marks.

Theory – 40 marks
Project – 10 marks

  • Preliminary Examination will be of
  • Paper I  40marks (Theory) + 10 marks (Project) = 50
  • Paper II 40marks (Theory) + 10 marks (Project) = 50 i.e. (i) +  (ii) = 100 marks                                                                               

Health and Physical Education 

  • Written exam: 20 marks
  • Practicals: 50 marks
  • Project:30 marks

Health and Physical Education 

  • Written exam: 50 marks
  • Practicals: 50 marks

Environmental  Education 

  • Journal/Seminar: 20 marks
  • Project : 30marks

Environmental  Education 

  • Journal/Seminar : 20 marks
  • Project : 30marks
  • Out of 50

30 marks by Internal
20 marks by External


Passing Norms:
Students has to secured 35% marks in all subjects for passing

 The student can get his/her marks verified by filling in the   verification form and paying fees of Rs. 20/- per subject.




Rules of Promotion

  1. A candidate should be present for all the exams. A candidate must secure minimum 35 marks out of 100 in each of two compulsory languages, Environment Education and each of the four optional subjects.
  2. Marks for theory, practical and oral in the subject where there are two parts, should be taken together and the total marks should be considered for the final result.
  3. The result of the First Year Junior College (Std XI) SHALL NOT be decided on the marks obtained only in second term end examination. Equal weightage should be given to (a) First term end examination, (b) Second term examination (c) Year’s Work – Practical, Unit test; tutorials, orals etc. and the final result of each student for each subject shall be decided on average marks only.
  4. If a candidate appearing in all subjects fails in one or more subjects, his deficiency of marks in maximum 3 subjects to a maximum of 30 marks but not exceeding 10 marks in any one subject shall be condoned for the purpose of passing the examination.
  5. Although maximum 10 marks condonation is to be given in one subject such concession shall not exceed the required minimum percentage of passing to the subject i.e. 35%
  6. There shall not be any provision of ATKT.
  7. All the practical prescribed for course should as far as possible be completed by the student. However, they shall be allowed to appear for practical exam and the marks for the Journal shall not be given if the student fails to perform the practical prescribed for the course.
  8. No candidate shall be promoted to the next class if he/she fails even after applying the rule of giving the benefit of condonation of marks as provided in the rule No.04 of condonation.
  9. There shall not be any re-examination in the case of students who fail.
  10. In case of students who could not appear at the first or second term end examination for genuine reasons, such as ill health (on production of medical certificate in time) or such other reason beyond his/her control (such as natural calamities), the Head of the Junior College shall hold the first term end exam as early as possible, but in any case before the end of the second term. However, the second term re-exam in case of such students shall be conducted immediately after the second term end examination. Such concession shall not be given in case of students who are absent during the yearly work.
  11. Verification of Marks: There shall be no revaluation of answer books at FYJC examinations conducted by the college. However, the facility of verification of marks shall be available. Students must submit their application for verification along with photocopy of mark sheet and necessary fees as prescribed, within the stipulated time. The verification shall be done by the examination committee.
  12. Procedure for investigation in case of malpractices: The College has an Unfair Means Inquiry Committee. The candidate may be served a show cause notice and made aware of the charges/ allegations reported against him so that he/she can prepare his/her defence at the time of his/ her appearance before the Unfair Means Inquiry Committee. The committee shall inform him/her thereby, of the proposed action to be taken in his/her case with a request to reply to the show cause notice as to why the action proposed under it should not be taken against him/her. The reply received by the committee from the candidate in this regard, shall be considered by the committee and the final recommendation in the matter shall be made to the Principal. The principal shall exercise his power and issue the final order.
  13. The procedure for conducting the examination mentioned under Rule No. 10 will be the same for the second term end examination. However, the question papers of this examination shall be different from those set at the first / second term end examination. The question papers and the assessed answer books of all exams of all students shall be preserved for one year for inspection by the Education Officer /Deputy Director.
  14. The result of this re-examination shall be declared within a week’s time so as to enable the successful student to seek admission in the Second Year of the Junior College.
  15. There shall be no extra fees for the re-examination of students.
  16. Students failing at examination of the First Year of Junior College, i.e. Higher Secondary Std. XI are permitted to appear as regular students for F.Y.J.C. Examination in the next October / March or thereafter. However, the question papers to such students shall be on the entire portion prescribed in the syllabus for Std. XI for the subject/s concerned. Such students are permitted to rejoin the Junior College and appear as regular students for FYJC, if they desire so.
  17. Candidates who fail at the first year of junior college examination shall have an option to claim exemption in the subject/s in which they have secured minimum passing marks at previous exams. Candidates who do not desire to claim exemption and wish to appear for all subjects, the result of these students shall be declared as per rule No.3.
  18. The implementation of the first and second term end examination of F.Y.J.C. class shall be as per subject wise scheme given in Appendix-A of Syllabi for Std. XI & XII.
  19. The circulars regarding the language subjects, Environment & Project Work have been sent separately. These circulars shall be followed accordingly.
  20. The students who pass the F.Y.J.C. (Std. XI) Examination shall be rewarded the following grades.

Grade I

(With distinction): To successful candidates who obtain not less than 75% marks in the aggregate, calculated on the basis of the six( in case of vocational subjects) or seven subjects offered for examination.

Grade II

To successful candidates who obtain less than 75% marks but not less than 60% of marks in the aggregate calculate on the basis of six (in case of vocational subject) or seven subjects offered for examination.

Grade III

To successful candidates who obtain not less than 45% marks but less than 60% of marks in the aggregate calculated on the basis of six (in case of vocational subject) or seven subjects offered for examination.

Grade Pass

To all other successful candidates.


Provided that the First (with distinction) or the First or the Second Grade shall not be awarded to a candidate who appears for examination with any exemption or exemptions claimed by him/her.

Heads of the Junior Colleges are requested to take note of the aforesaid rules of promotion while finalizing the results of the First Year of Junior College (Std. XI) and this should be made applicable from the academic year 2015-16. They are further requested to bring these rules to the notice of the teachers and students concerned.




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