1. No college shall conduct any entrance test in any form and the admissions are purely based on merit duly following the reservation policy as per the norms of Government of Maharashtra.


  1. While drawing the merit list, weightage has to be given to students from Arts, Commerce and Science Stream at 12th Standard level. The stream wise weightage to be given is as under.:





Diploma in Engineering and Other (like IB etc)






  1. The applications are to be accepted and processed by the colleges stream wise separately and the merit list is to be displayed stream wise taking into account the reservation policy prescribed by the Government of Maharashtra.


Merit List Generation:

  1. The merit list is to be prepared and displayed stream wise.
  2. In case if no applications are received under the "Diploma in Engineering and Other Category" or if the seats remain vacant in "Diploma in Engineering and other Category" after all the merit lists / forms are exhausted, the vacant seats must be transferred to Commerce Stream.
  3. In case if no application is received from any stream the vacant seats are to be distributed equally between the remaining two streams only.
  4. After the first merit list is displayed, if any seat allotted to one stream remains vacant, the same shall be distributed equally between the remaining two streams. In case of vacancy in one stream is of single/odd number of seats, the single seat is to be allotted to the Commerce Stream. In case if no applications are available from the two stream, then all the vacant seats two streams must be transferred to the third stream.




At N M College we have introduced our own online admission process. However the schedule of admissions as instructed by the University of Mumbai will be followed.


GIVEN BELOW IS THE PROCEDURE FOLLOWED LAST YEAR I.E. FOR ADMISSIONS TO THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2015-2016. The admission process for the year 2016-2017 may undergo some changes. Changes, if any, will be informed to the applicants. However, applicants may read the procedure given below to get an idea about the admission process.


  • The admission procedure is basically divided into two components AS GIVEN BELOW, viz.


  • if you are using Windows Operating System 7 or lower version, please install Microsoft Silverlight on your computer.  The software is also available for free download from the University website
  • Please go through the prospectus of the college to know about the courses and/or subject combination(s) offered by the college, rules, regulations etc. before you fill the PRE-ADMISSION ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM.
  • One form can be used to apply for multiple courses i.e. more than one course and multiple colleges for every course i.e. the applicant can fill one form to opt for more than one course like B.Com., B.M.S., B.A.F. etc. in more than one college for every course.
  • Applicants are requested to keep the following ready before they start filling the forms
  • Photocopy of the mark-sheet of the SSC / Xth Std and HSC / XIIth Std. of its equivalent examinations
  • Scanned copy of the Photograph of max. 80 x 107 pixels size and max. file size of 10 KB
  • Scanned copy of the Signature of max. 80 x 35 pixels size and max. file size of 10 KB.
  • Photocopy of any other certificate/s as required.
  • Valid e-mail id and mobile phone number for receiving mails and SMS from the University of Mumbai regarding the status of the application form.
  • Internet Connection with Internet Explorer ver.7.0 or higher.
  • Now log on to the University of Mumbai website . Click on the link “Pre Admission Online Registration” (available on the row below University of Mumbai on the home page).
  • The first screen seeks confirmation from the applicant that he has all the necessary documents ready. On confirmation, the applicant moves to the second screen. Click on “Proceed” button.
  • The next screen i.e. the third screen, is the registration page where the candidate is required to enter The applicants name as it appears in the mark sheet of HSC (or Its equivalent) examination, Gender, date of birth of the applicant and the Mobile Number and email-id on which the candidate wishes to receive communications from the University. Click on “Register” after ensuring that the information provided is correct and true.
  • The student will get a login id and four digit alpha-numeric codes on submission of the form.
  • The student shall get a confirmation from M.K.C.L. on the mobile number and mail on the e-mail id provided by the student about the acceptance of the form.
  • The applicant will be required to verify his/her registration and then change the password.
  • The applicant will log to the website and start filling the form by uploading his photograph and signature and enters the personal details, contact details and educational qualifications.
  • The applicant is required to take a printout of the e-Suvidha Kit and enters the confirmation code in the system and select and upload the documents he/her wishes to upload based on the requirement.
  • The applicant selects the college/s and course/s offered by the college/s. Applicant can opt for more than one college and/or one or more than one courses offered by the colleges from amongst the colleges selected and after verification submits the form. Once the form is submitted the student will NOT be able to make any correction in the form.
  • Print the e-Suvidha ticket and note the Application Number generated and printed on the e-Suvidha ticket. The Application number will be generated only after printing the e-Suvidha ticket.
  • Enter the application number generated on the e-Suvidha ticket on your application form and complete the process.
  • The student is then required to take the hardcopy of the uploaded “Pre Admission Online Form” and submit the copy of the form to college/s, which is has opted for. The student is required to submit TWO COPIES of the “College Copy” to the college concerned. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE APPLICATION FORM WILL BE PRINTED SEPARATELY FOR EVERY COLLEGE AND FOR EVERY COURSE OPTED BY THE STUDENT FOR THE COLLEGE CONCERNED.
  • University of Mumbai has instructed the colleges NOT TO GRANT admission to any student who has not registered on the university website.
  • In case of any difficulties while applying for “Pre Admission Online Registration” you are request to contact University helpline Call Centre: +91-9326552525 (Only for students) from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. on Working days.


  • The ONLINE ADMISSION PROCESS at SVKM’s Narsee Monjee College of Commerce & Economics is in addition to the Pre-admission Registration Process of University of Mumbai.
  • Applicants can fill the on-line form from his/her residence or cyber café or any other location where computer, internet and printer facilities are available.
  • Applicants are required to fill separate form for each category under which he/she wishes to apply i.e. if a candidate belonging to Gujarati Speaking Linguistic Minority wishes to apply under Gujarati as well as Open Category, he/she will have to submit two separate application forms one for Gujarati Speaking Linguistic Minority Category and other for Open Category.
  • Applicants are requested to keep the following ready before they start filling the forms
  • Photocopy of the mark-sheet of the SSC / Xth Std and HSC / XIIth Std. of its equivalent examinations
  • Scanned copy of the Photograph of max. 80 x 107 pixels size and max. file size of 10 kb
  • Scanned copy of the Signature of max. 80 x 35 pixels size and max. file size of 10 kb
  • Photocopy of any other certificate/s as required.
  • Adobe Reader installed on your machine. If not please download from the link provided.
  • Internet Connection.
  • Your browser may ask you to allow blocked Pop-Ups or to run active contents. Please choose Allowed Blocked Contents / Popup.
  • The procedure for on-line submission form:
  • Log on to the college website or directly to the Portal
  • Click on the link “Online Admission Form” for admission to FYBCOM-2015 / FYBMS-2015 / FYBAF-2015 / FYBFM-2015 / FYBSCIT-2015 (as the case may be). You will be directed to the portal mentioned above.
  • Flow of the form filling process:
  • On execution of step ii (above), you will be taken to a separate portal to fill the form.
  • You will be required to register yourself by creating and entering the User id and password which will be used for future logins to the system. Select/Click the “Register Now” button. A new screen will be displayed where the applicant has to enter the user-id, his/her name, and password and reconfirm the pass word. Select/Click the “Register Now” button. Confirm the Registration. Log out of the system.
  • Log into the system again using the User-id and the Password that you have created in (b). This will launch the online application system form.
  • The applicant will be required to select the college, the course that he/she wants to apply for the academic year as 2014. Select/Click the “Apply” button. The screen will now display the admission form.
  • The admission form consists of 7 screens
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Please read the instructions very carefully before you proceed with filling the form online.
  • MARKS DETAILS:The applicant is required to select the name of the college, the course that he/she wishes to apply for and the marks obtained at the HSC or its equivalent examinations, Stream offered at HSC (Arts/ Science / Commerce etc.) Category applied under, MKCL registration number (which is one of the mandatory data required), whether you have passed the HSC / Equivalent examination in ONE attempt etc. MARKS PLEASE ENTER THE MARKS OBTAINED IN ALL THE SUBJECTS OFFERED AT THE HSC / EQUIVALENT EXAMINATIONS WHILE ENTERING THE DATA IN THE MARKS OBTAINED COLUMN. The objective is to verify the eligibility criterion for admission to the course opted by the applicant. The applicant can proceed to the next screen “PERSONAL DETAILS” further if and only if he/she satisfies the eligibility criterion of the course applied. Also you can proceed to the next screen only if the data is entered for all the mandatory fields. The marks obtained by the candidate will be converted to out of 600 and will be used to prepare the merit list. Students who have passed the qualifying examination from the IB School are required to apply under the Diploma Category for admission to FYBMS Course.
  • PERSONAL DETAIL:Eligible candidates will enter their personal details like their full name, caste, blood group, Aadhar Card Number, date of birth, address for correspondence, mail_id of the student (mandatory) etc. You will also be required to upload the scanned copy of the candidate’s photograph, signature and any other document / certificate used for seeking admission which is a mandatory requirement.
  • EDUCATIONAL DETAIL: Information filled under “MARKS DETAILS” will be carried forward. Additional information related to the SSC / its equivalent examination must be entered.
  • PARENT/ GUARDIAN DETAILS: Details of the parent / guardian of the applicants is to be entered. Father’s / Mother’s email-id is one of the mandatory fields.
  • PREVIEW: This screen will generate the DRAFT COPY of application form in PDF format. Candidate can verify the information filled and make the corrections in the online application form before the form is submitted. Please note that this is the Draft Copy of the application form for admission and not the final copy. The Draft Copy of the Application form is generated without the application number.
  • SUBMIT: After verifying that the information filled in steps (a) to (e) is correct in step (i), the candidate must now click the “Submit” button to submit the form. Please note that no correction can be made in the form after submission. Also an APPLICATION NUMBER is generated on submission of the form. If the application no. is not generated then it implies that the security instructions are not followed properly and in such cases the applicant must repeat the steps (i) to (xiii) stated above. Save the form and take the hard copy i.e. the printout of the form.
  • Please note that once the application number is generated, payment of Rs. 100/- (and in case if payment is made online additional convenience fee of Rs. 1.50 i.e. total Rs. 101.50) towards the application form is to be made. The payment can be made in two ways viz. by using the payment gateway provided on the website or through physical payment of the application fees at the college. FURTHER NOTE THAT SUBMITTING THE HARD COPY OF THE APPLICATION FORM ALONG WITH THE DOCUMENTS IS MANDATORY IRRESPECTIVE OF THE MODE OF PAYMENT OF THE APPLICATION FEES. The fees can be paid at the college along with the submission of the hard copy of the form.
  • If payment of Rs. 101.50 is made and confirmed through the payment gateway, the applicant will receive an email confirming the payment. The applicant must submit the hardcopy of this mail along with the hardcopy of the application form along with the photocopy of the necessary documents to the college authorities.
  • The candidate can fill and submit the application form for the same course in different colleges under SVKM / Different Courses in the same college / different courses in different colleges under SVKM. After following steps iii (a) to iii (e), separate application number will be generated for every application submitted. Applicant is not required to fill all the data again for submitting the forms for different / same course in same / different college under SVKM.
  • IRRESPECTIVE OF THE MODE OF PAYMENT OF THE APPLICATION FEE, The applicant will have to submit the hardcopy of the application form submitted online along with the necessary documents to the college within the prescribed time schedule and the applicant will be given an acknowledgement. If the name of the applicant appears on the merit list, the original copy of this acknowledgement along with all the necessary documents and fees must be provided at the time of confirming the admission.
  • Documents required while submitting the application form (PHOTO copy only) :
  • Hardcopy of the Pre Admission Online Registration form.
  • One passport size photograph
  • H.S.C. Marksheet and H.S.C. Leaving Certificate
  • S.S.C. Marksheet
  • Any other certificate(s) as applicable.
  • PROVISIONAL STATEMENT OF ELIGIBILITY in case if the student has passed his HSC/Equivalent examination from OTHER THAN Maharashtra Board. (or the photocopy of the receipt of payment made for application of Provisional Statement of Eligibility), if available.
  • Hard Copy of the filled in forms i.e. the Pre-admission Online Registration Form (filled and downloaded from the university website and Online Admission Form (filled and downloaded from the college website ) along with the documents specified in IX ABOVE will be accepted as per the schedule given by University of Mumbai.



For confirmation of admission:

  • Originals of the above mentioned documents.
  • 3 passport size colour photographs (recent)
  • 5 Self addressed envelopes with Rs.5/- stamp pasted on the envelope.
  • Cheque or DD in favour of "Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics". Payment of fees is by cheque/DD only.
  • FEES PAYABLE: by DD or Pay Order only to be drawn in favour of “NARSEE MONJEE COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND ECONOMICS”.




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