Teaching Staff - Degree College

Department :: Mathematics & Statistics

Prin.Sunil B. Mantri, H.O.D., M.Sc. Date of Joining:August 2008
Previous Experience:Vivek College,
Principal(May 2003-Aug 2008)
SES college,Principal(Oct 1996-May 2003)
MVLU College, Lecturer(Aug 1985 to Oct 1996)
Statistics, Operation Research and Computers. Was a member of Academic Council, University of Mumbai. Awarded with "Best Principal Award" by Chatra Bharati, Students Organisation in 2008. Member of various bodies of University of Mumbai like the Finance Committee, Budget Committee, Local Inquiry Committees, Member of the Selection Committees for recommending Principals and teachers to various colleges etc.
Hobby :
Mrs. Leena O Nair, M.Sc., N.E.T. Mrs. Deepa Surve, M.Sc. , SET
Ms. M. D. Gondhalekar M.Com., DCM, DEM, DORM, PGDEd.M Date of Joining:November 1980
Previous Experience: 02 Years at Podar Junior College
Expertise:Mathematics, Statistics and Computers
Hobby : Reading HR & Marathi Literature
Mr. Sunil Kadam, M.Sc. Date of Joining:June 1999
Previous Experience: 3 Years
Expertise: Mathematics, Statistics & Computers.
Hobby:Trekking, Hiking & Swimming
Future Plans:Pursue PhD.
Dr. Vandana Misra, M.Sc. Ph.D. Date of Joining:January 2011
Previous Experience: 08 Years
Mrs. Gomathi V. Iyer, M.Sc., D.H.E., D.C.M., N.E.T., Vice Principal Date of Joining:June 1983
Mathematics, Statistics and Computers.
Hobby : Reading & Listening music

Department :: Accountancy

Ms. Shephali Kamdar, A.C.A., L.L.B, H.O.D. Date of Joining:September 1997
Previous Experience: Tolani College of Commerce(01/07/1991 - 31/08/197)
Expertise: Accountancy.
Mr. Kedar Bhide ICWA, M.Com, SET Date of Joining:July 2006
Ms. Savita Desai, C.A., M.Com., SET Date of Joining:November 2004
Previous Experience:Worked in Hindustan Liver Ltd., Adarsh College & Thakur College
Financial Accountry & Management Accountancy.
Hobby : Meditation & Music
Mr. Piyush Pandya, C.A. Date of Joining: July 1986
Accountancy & related subjects.
Hobby : Reading
Mrs. Shermin Almeida, M.Com., M.Phil., C.A., I.C.W.A., N.E.T. Mr. Harish Sharma, C.A., M.Com., LLB, N.E.T. Date of Joining:November 2011
Expertise:Accounts & Taxation
Hobby:Reading, Travelling & Music
Future Plans:Pursuing PhD
Mr. Sameer Dave, M.Com. C.A., LLB, N.E.T. Date of Joining:November 2011
Previous Experience: 14 Years
Expertise:Cost management accounting, Financial management auditing
Ms. Rupal Pandya, M.Com., C.A. N.E.T. Date of Joining:July 2013
Previous Experience:K.B.P. Hinduja College(2004 - 2013)
Expertise: Accountancy.
Hobby:Painting, Music, Dance, Travelling
Future Plans:Pursue PhD.

Department :: Economics

Ms. Chitra Thomas, M.A., M.Phil. , HOD Date of Joining:June 1999
Previous Experience:Ambedkar College(1985 - 1993)
Expertise: International Economics.
Hobby:Reading, Cooking & Travelling.
Future Plans:Indefinite.
Ms. Nirmala Atul Chavan, M.A., NET, SET Date of Joining:July 2001
Previous Experience:Lecturership at Mithibai College & M.K. Sanghavi College
Agricultural Economics
Hobby : Travelling, Reading fiction & non-fiction, Sitar recital
Future Plans: Obtaining PhD
Ms. Sneh H. Choithani M.A., NET, SET Date of Joining: December 1999

Dr. Rikita Khurana, M.A., Ph.D. N.E.T. Date of Joining:June 2010
Previous Experience: 6 Years
Expertise: International trade & WTO.
Hobby:Reading & Painting
Future Plans:Completion of refresher course.

Department :: Commerce

Mr. B. K. Nair, M.Com., PGD Ed. Mgmt. , H.O.D. Mr. Vrijendra, M.Com., M.A., A.D.S.& S.A. Date of Joining:June 1984
Previous Experience: Worked as Software Engineer (1981 - 1983),
Lecturer at KPB Hinduja College(1983 - 1984)
Expertise:Finance, Marketing & Management
Hobby:Literature, Politics & Films
Dr.Vijayshree Anand, M.Com. S.E.T., Ph.D. Date of Joining:June 1999
Previous Experience: SIWS College(1997- 1999)
Hobby:Reading, Music, Wholehearted Singing
Future Plans:To make the imparting of knowledge a pleasurable experience
Ms. Amee H Vora, M.Com., S.E.T., Vice Principal Date of Joining:June 1992
People's Skills, Organising & executing any work given diligently.
Hobby : Dance, Music, Theater, Painting
Future Plans:Travel the world.
Dr. Ritu Vashisht, M.Com., Ph.D., P.G.D.F.M., N.E.T., B.Ed. Date of Joining:January 2011
Previous Experience: 13 Years
Expertise: Management, Marketing & Finance.
Hobby:Music, Gazals, Reading.
Future Plans:Social Service.
Mrs. Tessy Philji, M.Com., M.Phil., B.Ed., N.E.T., D.C.A. Date of Joining:June 2012
Previous Experience: Sr. Gonsalo Garcia College of Arts & Commerce, Vasai
Expertise:Commerce & Management
Hobby:Music & reading
Future Plans:Research activities

Subject:: English

Dr. Muktha Manoj, M.Phil., M.A., Ph.D., PGDHR
Date of Joining:June 2004
Previous Experience: 10 Years
Hobby:Reading,Music, Cooking
Future Plans:Major research proposal in the field of English language
Ms. Jennifer D'souza, M.A., S.E.T. Date of Joining:November 2004
Previous Experience:Lecturer in Communication Skills
English Literature & Language.
Hobby : Singing, Reding & Adventure
Ms. Shashi Surana, M.A., S.E.T. Date of Joining:August 2006
Previous Experience: 02 Years
Expertise:Communication studies & Narrative-journalism.
Future Plans:Publishing-Rewriting Regional Folktales for Children.
Other Information: Registered for Minor Research Project(University of Mumbai).

Subject:: Psychology of Human Behavior at Work

Ms. Radhika Wadke, M.A. Date of Joining:August 2006
Previous Experience: 16 Years
Expertise: Psychology.
Future Plans:Pursuing Learning.

Subject :: Business Law

Ms. Deepa Chitnis, L.L.B., L.L.M.,M.Phil., Cert. in HRM (USA) Date of Joining:June 1997
Expertise:Commercial Laws, Industrial Laws, Women & Child Laws
Hobby:Reading, Writing, Autograph Collection
Future Plans:Pursue PhD
Ms. Renuka Magtani L.L.B., L.L.M., P.G.D.I.P.R., N.E.T., S.E.T.
Date of Joining:October 2009
Previous Experience: 07 Years
Expertise:Constitutional & Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Commercial Law
Hobby:Reading, Visiting old age homes, visting orphanages
Future Plans:Pursue PhD, Undertaking research projects, working with underpriviledged sections of society

Subject:: Foundation Course

Ms. Geeta Desai, M.A., N.E.T., S.E.T. Date of Joining:April 2009
Previous Experience: 03 Years & 06 Months
Expertise:Team work & Adjustment in a group
Hobby:Reading, Music, Painting
Future Plans:Pursuing PhD

Subject:: Environmental Studies

Ms. Vaishali Khurekar, M.A. M.Phil(Geography), N.E.T. Date of Joining:June 2013
Previous Experience:D.G. Ruparel College, Sathaye College, Shri CHWA College of Commerce & Eco., Bedekar College
Expertise:Environment related issues
Hobby:Trekking, Adventure Sports

Department :: Bachelor of Management Studies (B.M.S.)

Mrs. Richa Saxena, M.Sc., P.G.D.B.A., N.E.T., Co-ordinator Date of Joining:December 2009
Expertise: Operation research, Marketing & research methods in business.
Hobby:Reading & Travelling
Future Plans:Publishing research papers & take up research projects.
Mr. Conrad Coelho, B.E., M.M.S.. N.E.T. Date of Joining:June 2010
Previous Experience: 01 year Industry experience in Reliance Communications as Assistant Manager
Expertise:Production & Quality Management
Hobby:Music, Dancing & Travelling
Future Plans:Pursue research in operations management
Mr. Vinayak Karande, M.M.S., N.E.T.
Date of Joining:April 2013
Previous Experience: 03 Months
Expertise:Marketing, Psychology
Future Plans:Pursue PhD, MSc or MA in Psychology
Mr. Manorath Joshi M.Com., PGPM, M.B.A., N.E.T. Date of Joining:April 2013
Previous Experience: 02 Years & 06 months
Expertise: Management, HR, Marketing, Corporate Social responsibility, Trading & Development.
Hobby:Peotry, Basketball, Swimming, Photography, Inquisitive about religions.
Future Plans:Pursue PhD, Publishing research papers, M.A. in Philosophy, Courses in relevant fields, Research & academic excellence.
Mrs. Rohini Madavi, M.Com., N.E.T. Date of Joining:April 2013
Hobby:Reading, Music, Dancing
Ms. Tanaya Acharekar, BHMCT, MPM, DLL&LW, N.E.T. Date of Joining:May 2013
Previous Experience: 03 Years & 04 Months
Expertise:General Management & human Resource Management
Hobby:Cooking, Flower Arranging
Future Plans:Pursue PhD, Acquiring academic excellence
Ms. Nazia Shaikh, B.E., PGDBM Date of Joining:May 2013
Previous Experience: 04 Years of Industry experience in retail & ITES sectors.
Expertise:Marketing, HR, General Management & Retail.
Hobby:Reading, Baking, Travelling to new places.
Future Plans:Pursue PhD, Research Papers & NET.

Department :: Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance) (B.A.F.)

Ms. Daksha Pandya, M.Com., DMS, DHE, Coordinator Date of Joining:June 2011
Previous Experience: 31 Years
Expertise:Accountancy, Financial Accounts & Management Accounts
Hobby:Reading, Music
Mrs. Bhavna Goyal, M.Com., C.A., N.E.T. Date of Joining:May 2013
Previous Experience: 6 Months in Academic & 1 Year 06 Months in Corporate
Expertise:Accountancy & Finance
Hobby:Reading, Music
Future Plans:Pursue PhD, Publish Research Papers
Ms. Kasturi Bhave, B.Com., C.A., N.E.T. Date Of Joining: December 2012
Hobby : Reading, Music
Future Plan: Obtaining PhD

Department :: Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Markets) (B.F.M.)

Ms. Shaily Chheda B.Com.(A&F), C.A., CFP. Coordinator Date of Joining:November 2012
Previous Experience: 01 Year
Expertise:Accounts, Finance & Taxation
Hobby:Dacing, Painting
Future Plans:Pursue M.Com & NET
Ms. Neha Maru, M.Com., M.Phil., N.E.T. Date of Joining: May 2013
Previous Experience: 15 years
Fianancial Markets.
Hobby : Reading, Music & Travelling
Future Plans: Pursue PhD
Mr. Susanta Datta, M.Sc.(Economics) UGC NET, World Bank accreditated (Topper) CSR Professional Date of Joining:Nov 2013
Previous Experience: 6 years in research, training and policy advocacy.
Expertise:Economics, Statistics & Econometrics, Resource & Environment Economics
Hobby:Travelling, Music
Future Plans:Research, Teaching & Public policy

Department: : Bachelor of Science (Information Technology)

Ms. Kavita Surve, M.Sc.(I.T.), M.Phil.(C.S.), Coordinator Date of Joining:June 2012
Previous Experience: 5 Years in Academic & 1 year Industry experience as Software Developer
Expertise:Programing languages, Web Languages, Cyber Laws & Cyber Security
Hobby:Exploring new places, Trekking, Reading, Photography, Cooking
Future Plans:Pursue PhD
Mr. Ashish Gavande, M.Sc.(CS), N.E.T., SCJP Date of Joining:May 2013
Previous Experience: Academic 03 years & Industry 02 years
Future Plans:Pursue PhD
Ms. Anupama Jawale, M.C.M., MCA, M.Phil., N.E.T. , S.E.T. Date of Joining:May 2013
Previous Experience: 06 Years
Expertise:Operating Systems, .NET technologies, Databases
Future Plans:Pursue PhD, IT in Economics
Mr. Manish Pithadia, M.Sc.(Maths) Date of Joining:Nov 2013
Previous Experience: 05 years
Hobby:Playing Cricket, teaching
Future Plans:Research in Mathematics

Post Graduate Section :: Master of Commerce (Advance Accountancy, Business Management & Banking & Finance)

Mr. Harish Sharma, C.A., LLB, M.Com., N.E.T., Coordinator Date of Joining:November 2011
Expertise:Accounts & Taxation
Hobby:Reading, Travelling & Music
Future Plans:Pursuing PhD

Librarian :

Mrs. Vaishali Dawar, M.Lib.Sc., M.A., S.E.T. Date of Joining:October 2006
Previous Experience: Librarian at K. J. Somaiya College(1993 - 2006)
Future Plans:Pursue PhD

Director of Physical Education & Sports:

Mr. Shivesh Shukla M.P.Edu., N.E.T. Date of Joining: November 2011
Previous Experience: Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Education, University of Mumbai.
Sports psychology, Yoga & Badminton.
Hobby : Travelling, Cooking & Reading

Department: : Training and Placement Cell

Mr. Nainesh Koli, MBA(HR), Placement Officer Soft Skill trainerMs. Amrita Phillips, M.A.(Industrial Psychology), Training Officer Soft Skills
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