Teaching Staff - Degree College

Department :: Commerce

Dr. Parag Ajagaonkar, (Principal) M.Com , M.Phil , Ph.D- (Advertising) , MBA-(Marketing Management) SET Date of Joining:Sept 2016
Previous Experience: 24 years, Recognised Ph.D guide (Mumbai University)
Expertise:Management, Marketing and Finance.


Ms. Amee H Vora, M.Com., S.E.T. Date of Joining:June 1992
People's Skills, Organising & executing any work given diligently.
Hobby : Dance, Music, Theater, Painting
Future Plans:Travel the world.
Dr.Vijayshree Anand, M.Com. S.E.T., Ph.D. Date of Joining:June 1999
Previous Experience: SIWS College(1997- 1999)
Hobby:Reading, Music, Wholehearted Singing
Future Plans:To make the imparting of knowledge a pleasurable experience
Dr. Ritu Vashisht, M.Com., Ph.D., P.G.D.F.M., N.E.T., B.Ed. Date of Joining:January 2011
Previous Experience: 13 Years
Expertise: Management, Marketing & Finance.
Hobby:Music, Gazals, Reading.
Future Plans:Social Service.
Mrs. Tessy Philji, M.Com., M.Phil., B.Ed., N.E.T., D.C.A. Date of Joining:June 2012
Previous Experience: Sr. Gonsalo Garcia College of Arts & Commerce, Vasai
Expertise:Commerce & Management
Hobby:Music & reading
Future Plans:Research activities
Ms. Vaishali Khurekar, M.A. M.Phil(Geography), N.E.T. Date of Joining:June 2013
Previous Experience:D.G. Ruparel College, Sathaye College, Shri CHWA College of Commerce & Eco., Bedekar College
Expertise:Environment related issues
Hobby:Trekking, Adventure Sports
Mr. Smitin H. Belchada, M.Com., SET Date of Joining:October 2013
Previous Experience: 8 Months M.P.S. P.S. Degree College Bandra. 03 yrs 4 months R.D. National college, Bandra. Expertise:Advertising & Marketing, Business Management
Hobby:Travelling & Reading, Listening to Music
Future Plans:To pursue Phd
Ms. Rekha Katheeth    

Department :: Mathematics & Statistics

Ms. Manjiree. D. Gondhalekar M.Com., DCM, DEM, DORM, HOD Date of Joining:November 1980
Previous Experience: 02 Years at Podar Junior College
Expertise:Mathematics, Statistics and Computers
Hobby : Reading and Marathi Literature
Mrs. Gomathi V. Iyer, M.Sc., D.H.E., D.C.M., N.E.T., Vice Principal Date of Joining:June 1983
Mathematics, Statistics and Computers.
Hobby : Reading & Listening music
Mr. Sunil Kadam, M.Sc. Date of Joining:June 1999
Previous Experience: 3 Years
Expertise: Mathematics, Statistics & Computers.
Hobby:Trekking, Hiking & Swimming
Future Plans:Pursue PhD.
Mrs. Deepa Surve, M.Sc. , SET Dr. Vandana Misra, M.Sc. Ph.D. Date of Joining:January 2011
Previous Experience: 08 Years
Dr. Meena Vazirani.

Department :: Accountancy

Ms. Shephali Kamdar, A.C.A., L.L.B, H.O.D. Date of Joining:September 1997
Previous Experience: Tolani College of Commerce(01/07/1991 - 31/08/197)
Expertise: Accountancy.
Ms. Savita Desai, C.A., M.Com., SET Date of Joining:November 2004
Previous Experience:Worked in Hindustan Liver Ltd., Adarsh College & Thakur College
Financial Accountry & Management Accountancy.
Hobby : Meditation & Music
Mr. Kedar Bhide ICWA, M.Com, SET Date of Joining:July 2006
Mr. Piyush Pandya, C.A. Date of Joining: July 1986
Accountancy & related subjects.
Hobby : Reading
Mr. Sameer Dave, M.Com. C.A., LLB, N.E.T. Date of Joining:November 2011
Previous Experience: 14 Years
Expertise:Cost management accounting, Financial management auditing
Mr. Harish Sharma, C.A., M.Com., LLB, N.E.T. Date of Joining:November 2011
Expertise:Accounts & Taxation
Hobby:Reading, Travelling & Music
Future Plans:Pursuing PhD
Mr. Darshan Panchal Mr. Deven Nikam

Department :: Economics

Ms. Sneh H. Choithani M.A., NET, SET (HOD) Date of Joining: December 1999

Ms. Nirmala Atul Chavan, M.A., NET, SET Date of Joining:July 2001
Previous Experience:Lecturership at Mithibai College & M.K. Sanghavi College
Agricultural Economics
Hobby : Travelling, Reading fiction & non-fiction, Sitar recital
Future Plans: Obtaining PhD
Dr. Rikita Khurana, M.A., Ph.D. N.E.T. Date of Joining:June 2010
Previous Experience: 6 Years
Expertise: International trade & WTO.
Hobby:Reading & Painting
Future Plans:Completion of refresher course.
Ms. Kesia Verghese.  

Subject:: English

Dr. Muktha Manoj, M.Phil., M.A., Ph.D., PGDHR
Date of Joining:June 2004
Previous Experience: 10 Years
Hobby:Reading,Music, Cooking
Future Plans:Major research proposal in the field of English language
Ms. Jennifer D'souza, M.A., S.E.T. Date of Joining:November 2004
Previous Experience:Lecturer in Communication Skills
English Literature & Language.
Hobby : Singing, Reding & Adventure
Ms. Shashi Surana, M.A., S.E.T. Date of Joining:August 2006
Previous Experience: 02 Years
Expertise:Communication studies & Narrative-journalism.
Future Plans:Publishing-Rewriting Regional Folktales for Children.
Other Information: Registered for Minor Research Project(University of Mumbai).

Subject:: Psychology of Human Behavior at Work

Ms. Radhika Wadke, M.A. Date of Joining:August 2006
Previous Experience: 16 Years
Expertise: Psychology.
Future Plans:Pursuing Learning.

Subject :: Business Law

Ms. Deepa Chitnis, L.L.B., L.L.M.,M.Phil., Cert. in HRM (USA) Date of Joining:June 1997
Expertise:Commercial Laws, Industrial Laws, Women & Child Laws
Hobby:Reading, Writing, Autograph Collection
Future Plans:Pursue PhD
Ms. Renuka Magtani L.L.B., L.L.M., P.G.D.I.P.R., N.E.T., S.E.T.
Date of Joining:October 2009
Previous Experience: 07 Years
Expertise:Constitutional & Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Commercial Law
Hobby:Reading, Visiting old age homes, visting orphanages
Future Plans:Pursue PhD, Undertaking research projects, working with underpriviledged sections of society

Subject:: Foundation Course

Ms. Geeta Desai, M.A., N.E.T., S.E.T. Date of Joining:April 2009
Previous Experience: 03 Years & 06 Months
Expertise:Team work & Adjustment in a group
Hobby:Reading, Music, Painting
Future Plans:Pursuing PhD

Department :: Bachelor of Management Studies (B.M.S.)

Mr. Conrad Coelho (Coordinator) , B.E., M.M.S.. N.E.T. Date of Joining:June 2010
Previous Experience: 01 year Industry experience in Reliance Communications as Assistant Manager
Expertise:Production & Quality Management
Hobby:Music, Dancing & Travelling
Future Plans:Pursue research in operations management
Ms. Heena Kanakia MCom,PGBM, B.Ed. NET
Previous Experience: 03 Years
Mr. Pratik Lalseta CA,CS, MCom, SET
Previous Experience: 05 Years
Ms. Diti Dave MBA(HR) NET
Previous Experience: 03 YearsTeaching and 02 years corporate
Ms. Nikita Shah MBA(HR). Ms. Hiral Makwana MCom,CA

Department :: Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance) (B.A.F.)

Mr. Huzefa Bhagat (Coordinator) M.Com. UGC NET Priyanka V. Gala MFM,NET  

Department :: Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Markets) (B.F.M.)

Ms. Pooja Singh (Coordinator) B.Com, MBA , BEd, UGC NET

Previous Experience: 03 Years Teaching and 11 years corporate

Mr. Deepak Sharma M.Sc. IT

Ms. Sadaf Hashmi-Sengupta, MCom (Finance) , Pursuing Ph.D.

Previous Experience: 07 Years

Department: : Bachelor of Science (Information Technology)

Mrs. Anupama Jawale (Coordinator) M.C.M., MCA, M.Phil., N.E.T. , S.E.T. Date of Joining:May 2013
Previous Experience: 08 Years
Expertise:Operating Systems, .NET technologies, Databases
Future Plans:Pursue PhD (IT in Economics)
Mr. Prashant Jadhav MSc Physics,MCA, NET Mr. Dhanraj Jadhav MSc IT

Ms. Sweta Chheda B.Sc. IT M.Sc. IT. MCA, DCL Date of Joining:June 2014
Previous Experience: 03 Years
Expertise:Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Linux, Project Management, C++
Hobby:Dancing, Drawing, Calligraphy
Future Plans:Pursue PhD, Publishing Research Papers and books.

Ms. Kubra T.K. M.Sc. (Mathematics), PGDiploma (Operational Research Mgt). Date of Joining:June 2015
Previous Experience: 05 Years
Expertise:Mathematics, Statistics, O.R.

Post Graduate Section :: Master of Commerce (Advance Accountancy, Business Management & Banking & Finance)

Mr. Harish Sharma, C.A., LLB, M.Com., N.E.T., Coordinator Date of Joining:November 2011
Expertise:Accounts & Taxation
Hobby:Reading, Travelling & Music
Future Plans:Pursuing PhD

Director of Physical Education & Sports:

Mr. Shivesh Shukla M.P.Edu., N.E.T. Date of Joining: November 2011
Previous Experience: Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Education, University of Mumbai.
Sports psychology, Yoga & Badminton.
Hobby : Travelling, Cooking & Reading


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